Equipment Checklist


In formulating your own skincare at home, you need to have your equipments. I’ll be sharing necessary equipments needed in making skincare from the essentials to luxury. Most of the equipments are easy to get not to mention they are not expensive. 

1. beaker 2. disposable pipettes and spoon 3. scale 4. pH meter 5. thermometer 6. spatula 7.whisk/homogeniser
  • Glass beaker

I have 5 glass beakers and 2 stainless steel bowl (it is not in the photo). You don’t need all of them, just choose between glass beakers or bowl. Of course, you can have both of them. 

I purchased 3 of my glass beakers online from You will see some of chinese words in my glass beaker on other post. I also purchased the other 2 of my glass beakers along with stainless steel from Australian food catering online shop. 

I have 3 of 100ml glass beakers and 2 of 500ml glass beakers. 

  • Disposable pipettes and spoon

It is useful when you need to add certain raw materials into your formula. Most of the raw ingredients is packed in wide neck mouth bottle which made it quite difficult if you only need 1% of it. 

However, some of them is packed in dripper bottle. It is really depend on your choice though. We love disposable pipettes because we want to have accurate measurement. 

Spoon is useful when we need to scoop out raw materials in powder form.

  • Scale

This is the most important equipment in formulating your skincare because you need to have accurate measurement. You don’t want to have skincare products that have too much of certain ingredients. 

You can buy this product from ebay, amazon or aliexpress. Make sure the accuracy of the scale is 0.01 gr. 

  • pH meter

This is really optional for you. If you want to create low pH products or skin friendly pH products, you will need pH meter or strips for your product. We have pH meter from Hanna Instruments. You can also use pH strips. It is very cheap and quite easy to get. 

  • Thermometer 

When you create heated phase products, you need to make sure your products reach 75 degree Celsius. Then, you will need to wait for cool down to 40 degree Celsius before adding any non heated raw materials.Here, your thermometer will come in action. 

We purchased this digital thermometer from aliexpress for approximately A$28.

  • Spatula

We only use it when we want to mix glycerin with thickener only. This is really optional for you. We got it for free though.

  • Whisk/Homogeniser/Overhead Stirrer

If you are only starting out, you can just purchase good quality of hand whisk. You don’t need to invest on overhead stirrer or homogeniser. 

We have overhead stirrer and homogeniser. Most people making skincare at home will use hand blender to substitute homogeniser. However, homogeniser will make your moisturiser or emulsion more homogeneous compare to stick blender.

Close up photo of our pH meter and digital thermometer

Do I need to have everything ?

I have provided link to each of the equipment.

You may need mask to protect yourself from accidentally breathing powder materials.

Hope you find this useful in making decision to purchase your equipments. Don’t forget to get yourself empty container for your skincare. 

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