Tea Tree Green Clay Mask

Let’s create your own clay mask. It is cheaper than the market and indeed it is super easy. You can create it in less than 5 minutes. 

There are different types of clays from kaolin to bentonite. They have been used for more than centuries to improve skin health. In addition to absorb excess oil, It helps to manage dry skin and acne. 

Green Clay Mask

I am using french green clay mask in this formula. It is made up of Illite, Kaolin, Montmorillonite. You can also try to use pink clay or even blue clay. I just love the green color. Since it is dry finished products, you don’t need to add any preservatives at all. 

I also purchased tea tree leaves and rice powder for my clay mask.This is really optional, In fact, you can just use pure 100% clay mask.You can also use any other powder herbal extracts, another recommendation is calendula powder.

You just combine all of them. I am using plastic spoon. Rice powder and tea tree leaves can also act as physical exfoliator. Remember to just use small amount of them. 

Once you have combined them homogenously, you can just move it to the container. It will be activated with water. If you want to formulate powder cleanser, you just need to add around 5% powder surfactants and add some emollient such as oatmeal powder or coconut milk. 

Tea Tree Green Clay Mask


Phase I

  • 95 % Green Clay
  • 3 % Rice Powder
  • 2 % Tea Tree Leaves


Phase I

  • Stir and combine all of the ingredients until homogenous

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