Ceramide Moisturiser

Ceramide Moisturiser is favourite skincare for everyone. It helps to improve dry skin and strengthen skin barrier. You must be surprised that creating ceramide moisturiser is very easy and you don’t need to spend big bucks. In this tutorial, I am going to show you how to create your own ceramide moisturiser.

There are many raw materials suppliers who sell ceramide. As far as I am aware, there are pseudoceramides and ceramide. I believe both of them has the same quality. In fact, I didn’t any differences between the two. Pseudoceramides is much cheaper compare to ceramides. Pseudoceramides is developed to have ceramides like structures and benefits. In fact, there are many research conducted for pseudoceramides.

I am using ceramide complex (SK – Influx) in this formula with following INCI : Ceramide NP; Ceramide AP; Ceramide EOP; Phytosphingosine; Cholesterol; Sodium Lauryl Lactylate; Carbomer; Xanthan Gum

You need minimum of 1.5% to 10% depending on your preferences. I found that 1.5% is enough for my super dry skin. 

In this formula, I am using jojoba and squalane oil for my oils. Feel free to use other types of plants oils. For emulsifier, I am using combination of cetearyl alcohol and cetereath-20 along with sorbitan stearate. I will add 0.5% dimethicone 100cs to this formula. I just love the feeling of silicone. You can substitute it. You can try Jojoba ester as substitution for dimethicone 100cs. I believe you need more than 0.5% , therefore, you need to adjust the formula accordingly. 


You need to add ceramide at the last step once your emulsion has cool down. At this step, you can also add panthenol. Remember to add vitamin E and preservatives along with adjusting  pH of your moisturiser.

Ceramide Moisturiser Cream

Category: Moisturiser
Difficulty: Medium


Phase I

  • 75 % Water
  • 5 % Propanediol
  • 0.5 % Xanthan Gum

Phase II

  • 5 % Jojoba Oil
  • 5 % Squalane
  • 4 % Cetearyl Alcohol and Ceteareth 20 You can substitute it with any combined emulsifier
  • 2 % Sorbitan Stearate You can substitute it with cetyl alcohol/stearic acid
  • 0.5 % Dimethicone

Phase III

  • 1.5 % Ceramide Complex
  • 0.5 % Vitamin E Tocopherol
  • 1 % Preservatives Geogard ECT


Phase I

  • Combine Propanediol and Xanthan Gum , stir them
  • Add them into water and heat to 75° celcius

Phase II

  • Combine all materials in phase II and heat to 75° celcius

Combine Phase

  • Combine heated phase I and II together using stick blender or homogeniser

Phase III

  • Let it cool down to 40°C before adding the rest of ingredients in phase III
  • Adjust pH accordingly

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