Vitamin C Serum (No Preservatives)

This simple vitamin C formula only requires 2 raw materials, propanediol and ascorbic acid. You can create this serum in less than 10 minutes. 

What is Propanediol ?

Propanediol is humectant, it is also used as solvent. It has ability to dissolve substances such as ascorbic acid . 

Unlike water, you don’t need to add any preservatives to 100% propanediol formula. Furthermore, there are many studies that showed propanediol is effective against microbial growth.

Propanediol is less sticky compared to glycerin. It is also consider ‘safer’ compared to propylene glycol. Some people develop allergic reaction to propylene glycol. 

They act as substitute for your water. You will need to heat it to 70 degree celcius once you have combined them. You can also refer to this formulation recipe for inspiration.

Vitamin E is not soluble in propanediol nor propylene glycol. It is an oil soluble materials. If you want to formulate vitamin C with vitamin E, you need to use suitable formulation.

Vitamin C Serum (No Preservatives)


Phase I

  • 85 % Propanediol
  • 15 % Ascorbic Acid


  • Combine phase I material together and heat it to 70 degree celcius.


  • You can add niacinamide and/or panthenol into this formula as they are soluble in propanediol. 
  • Make sure the total formula is 100% 

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