Vitamin C&E Serum – Basic

As far as we are concerned, vitamin C is the most powerful ingredients for your skin. I have few simple vitamin C serum that you can refer to. It is super easy that only require 3 raw materials. 

Last week, I played around with my new emulsifier which is a combination of Glyceryl Stearate and PEG100 Stearate. I have been eyeing on this emulsifier for quite sometime. Finally, I bought it when I run out my old emulsifier. I have been using this for my body lotion and my serum. This time, I used this for vitamin C and E serum. 

Vitamin E is classified as hydrophobic which mean it has low solubility in water. You can use solubiliser or emulsifier to dissolve vitamin E. I used emulsifier combination of Glyceryl Stearate and PEG100 Stearate. 

This light serum absorbs quickly and did not dry out my skin. I also mixed this serum with jojoba oil and rice bran oil. I always thought that rice bran oil is very expensive because I saw many expensive skincare that only use rice bran oil, it turned out that rice bran oil is cheaper than jojoba oil. You can also use any other carrier oils. 

I have limited the use of my carrier oil to maximum of 10% and vitamin E to maximum of 0.5%. I did try to use it for 1% but my emulsifier itself is not able to soluble 1% vitamin E. If you look ata most of vitamin C serum, they use Laureth 23 to soluble vitamin E. However, I was not able to find it in Australia. If you could find Laureth 23, you could use 1% of vitamin E. 

Feel free to modify this recipe as you like. If you have sensitive skin, you might need to start using 5% vitamin C then gradually increase the concentration. 

Vitamin C and E serum

Simple and easy vitamin C and E serum
Category Serum
Difficulty Simple


Phase I

  • 67.5 % Distilled Water
  • 15 % Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C)
  • 6 % Propanediol

Phase II

  • 4 % Emulsifier (Glyceryl Stearate & PEG 100 Stearate)
  • 3 % Jojoba Oil
  • 3 % Rice Bran Oil

Phase III

  • 0.5 % Tocopherol
  • 1 % Preservatives


Phase I

  • Combine all ingredients of phase I and heat it to 70°

Phase II

  • Combine all ingredients of phase II and heat it to 70°
  • Combine heated phase I and II

Phase III

  • Let it cool to room temperature before adding all phase III ingredients
  • Add all ingredients in phase III and combine them
  • Check pH to ensure it is less than 3.5
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